Less than 100 Lots

Pit & Pipe designs for Greenfield Estates Less than 100 Lots are required to be designed to NBN Co/Telstra guidelines.

G3 Network Services can act on behalf of the developer and submit the application to Telstra, nominating itself as the key contact during the design phase.
The developer will then be contacted for any formal agreements between Telstra and themselves.

G3 Network Services can then provide the proposed Pit & Pipe design, based on Telstra guidelines.
Where practical, the design will follow the developers proposed electrical design, utilizing shared trench agreements.

G3 Network Services can arrange auditing during, and upon completion of construction, to ensure the design has been adhered to.

G3 Network Services will then produce As-Built drawings, and liaise with Telstra for the final submission and acceptance of the new network.

Overview of our design process